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The Value of Aesthetic Experience
Aesthetics Graduate Study Group


Keynote Speakers

Aesthetic Perception and Experience

University of London Graduate Study Group

Time: Fridays 3.30-5pm (first meet 14th Nov.2003)

Venue: Ruby Meager Library, Birkbeck Philosophy Department, 14 Gower Street (first floor)

Aim of Group:

This study group is open to all University of London students interested in or studying aesthetic perception and experience. Apart from students of Aesthetics, we hope that the group will also attract students particularly interested in perception, epistemology and mind and in understanding how these areas can inform our understanding of aesthetic experience. The meetings will be structured around a particular book or philosophers work which is considered important in this subject. The aim of the group is to explore a particular work in greater depth than lectures and seminars currently allow.

First Topic:

After the sad news of Richard Wollheim's death, the first group meetings will be structured around discussing his work, particularly his influential book, Art and Its Objects. At the meetings a member of the group gives a short presentation on a chapter/section of the book which is then be discussed by the group. We will also invite an appropriate faculty member to comment on the work under discussion at some of the group meetings.

Plan for Spring Term:

16th January - group will attend the "Wagner and Philosophy" one-day conference at Senate House, London

23rd January - Anthony Savile (King's) will be speaking to the group about Wollheim's book Art and Its Objects

30th January - Final session on Art and Its Objects. Group will decide next book for discussion current favourites are Dewey's Art and Experience or Shusterman's Pragmatist Aesthetics


If you have any questions about the group please contact the group organisers: Adele Tomlin (Kings College) or Alison Lord (Birkbeck).