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The Value of Aesthetic Experience
Call for Papers


Keynote Speakers

Essay Prize

The British Society of Aesthetics, as part of their recent initiative to promote the study of aesthetics in the UK, is offering a cash prize for the best student essay presented at the conference.

Call for Papers

Postgraduate students are invited to submit papers on the theme of the conference. Possible topics could include:

  • The aesthetic appreciation of nature
  • The connection between aesthetics and ethics
  • Existentialism and the aesthetic
  • The role of perception in aesthetic experience
  • The value of aesthetic experience
  • Defining aesthetic experience
  • The boundaries or reach of the aesthetic
  • The value of Beauty
  • The value of Ugliness, Disgust and Repulsion in aesthetic experience
  • The aesthetic value of conceptual art

Papers of no more than 5,000 words should be submitted either electronically or by post and no later than 30th March 2004 in a form suitable for blind assessment - i.e. with two title pages, only one of which contains the author's name, contact details and academic affiliation. An abstract of no more than 150 words should also be included. All submissions will be reviewed by at least one academic and one graduate student.

Papers and requests for further information should be sent to the conference organiser:

Adele Tomlin, Philosophy Department, King's College, Strand, London.